About Us

Ajooka is a website which lists all the interesting facts about the world.  It is listed as an when we move and explore the web. You can find anything interesting here and its a guarantee you going to enjoy it.

Why I created this website?

It once happened to me that i wanted to know about some best CMS available in the market, but when i started to search about it on internet i got so much of information which made me  confused. Somebody was portraying one CMS as best cms , some site was saying other cms as best. I came to know that some were advertised information and some were just mentioned  without proper research. I created this website to provide genuine and trustworthy information which i can trust for myself. I hope you guys also will like this website

You can also post on this website, for that please contact us. In ase you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.