Top fun facts about kids

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Ever wondered what our lives would be without kids. Naughty, annoying, cranky, fussy, irritating – yet they are the centre of our world; the epitome of our happiness. And even though for some of us our entire lives revolve around them, there are many things about children that are not so apparent to us, yet true. Let’s take a peek at some very interesting and funny facts about kids that some of us might not have noticed or even imagined.

  • It is said that babies yawn before they are born, and most babies are born having 350 bones. However, as they grow, some of the bones fuse together to become 206 bones, which an adult human is known to have.
  • Although we all know children to be noisy, it is fascinating that a 3 year old boy’s voice is even louder than two hundred adults in a crowded place.
  •  Seven years is the average age that children begin to use a microwave.
  • Though the television can sometimes be a pain in the neck, watching the idiot box can actually act as a natural painkiller for kids.images (2)
  • We often get fed up of the non-stop questions our child asks daily but did you know that a four year old child on average asks a whopping 437 questions in a day! (Many of them being just a simple “why?”!)


  • It has been found that strangely enough fingerprints of kids disappear faster than that of adults.
  • All babies are born color blind and hence they only see black and white.
  • Children on an average blink about 5 million times a
  • Although it is frustrating to find our kids stuck to their video games continuously, children who play video games are likely to have a better memory, better hand-eye coordination and improved problem solving skills.


  • Babies’ lungs are pink when they are born, but the lungs darken in color as they breathe in polluted air.
  • Kids’ kneecaps are made of cartilage and only start to turn bony at three years of age.
  • Ancient Greeks would dip newborn children of well-to-do families in olive oil to keep them hairless for their entire lives.images (3)
  • Interestingly it is said that a child’s height is determined by that of the father and the weight by the mother.
  • Fascinatingly babies can sense what their mothers are feeling even while in the womb!